• Metallic Colors: Includes a set of twelve metallic shades that offer a lustrous and reflective finish, adding a touch of shimmer and shine to artwork.
• Acrylic Paint: High-quality acrylic paint known for its versatility, quick drying time, and metallic sheen.
• Versatile Use: Suitable for various surfaces such as canvas, wood, paper, fabric, and more.
• Smooth Application: Provides smooth and even coverage for professional-looking results.
• Quick Drying: Dries quickly to a permanent, water-resistant finish.
• Mixable Colors: Colors can be easily mixed to create custom metallic shades and effects.
• Non-Toxic: Safe for artists of all ages.
• High-Quality Pigments: Offers rich and intense metallic colors for impactful artwork.
• Durable Finish: Creates a durable finish that resists fading over time.
• Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for painting, crafting, fine art, and decorative projects.
• Colors: Includes metallic shades such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, and other metallic tones.
• Type: Acrylic Paint
• Package Contents: 12 Colors
• Container Type: Tubes or Jars
• Recommended Surfaces: Canvas, Wood, Paper, Fabric
• Age Suitability: All Ages
• Cleaning: Clean up with soap and water

Set of 12 Acrylic Colour Metallic

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